Shandong Haijie Dredging Machinery Co., ltd.

Shandong Haijie Dredging Machinery Co., Ltd is located in Huanglou Industrial Park, Qingzhou City.
  Our major products: Cutter suction dredger, Bucket chain dredger, jet suction dredger, service boat, gold mining equipment, sand washing and making line, sand transportation ship, etc. The cutter suction dredger and sand pumping dredgers (the actual depth of digging can reach 25 meters)from HJ have obtained more than 20 patents. HJ always keep studying customers feedback, and make the products unceasingly perfect and updated, also, HJ development research and manufacturing new products according to customers requirements and geographical conditions.
  Our products is high-efficiency, convenient operation, and reasonable price. Over the years, HJ has already exported to more than 40 countries, such as Nigeria, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Columbia, India, Malaysia, Israel, etc.